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Why Private Christian Education

edgeAdventist Education Has an Impressive Story

Founded in 1964, South Bay Christian School was founded by the Seventh-day Adventist community to be a private Christian school accepting students from all denominations. Students in U.S. Seventh-day Adventist schools achieve at half a grade higher than the national average, and beyond their own predicted ability, as shown by CognitiveGenius, in a recent study.

Children in Adventist schools make better moral decisions, as shown by ValueGenius, an earlier study.

Worldwide there are 6,700+ Adventist schools, 65,000+ teachers, and over 1.2 million students. Adventist education is the second largest denominational educational system in the world.

15 good reasons why parents send their children to private Christian schools:

  • Better learning environment and level of instruction
  • Students have a higher percentage at scoring at or above grade proficiency
  • Smaller class sizes – better student-teacher ratio
  • More individual attention
  • Focus is on character development along with academic rigor
  • Anti-bully policy
  • Christian emphasis and education
  • Curriculum aligns with Christian values
  • Includes prayer and worship at school
  • Safe and emotional and spiritual environment
  • Encourages development of the whole child
  • Promote positive peer pressure
  • Supports the family
  • Maintains positive correction when discipline is needed
  • Accreditation

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