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edgeAdventist Education Has an Impressive Story

Students in the U.S. Seventh-day Adventist schools achieve at half a grade higher than the national average, and beyond their own predicted ability, as shown by CognitiveGenius, in a recent study.

Children in Adventist schools make better moral decisions, as shown by ValueGenius, an earlier study.

Worldwide there are 6,700+ Adventist schools, 65,000+ teachers, and over 1.2 million students. Adventist education is the second largest denominational educational system in the world.

There are good reasons why parents send their children to Seventh-day Adventist schools regardless of the denomination they may practice at home.

Why an Adventist Education

The Special Character

The Difference for Your Child

Reflecting Christ’s Grace through Discipline

The Spiritual Nurture of Your Child

Curriculum Emphasis

Service Learning

The Teacher as Role Model

Reinforcing Family Values

Home, School and Church Working Together

An Eternal Focus