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The tuition rate at South Bay Christian School is affordable as compared collectively to other private schools in the South Bay.

All grades have the same tuition rate and each grade has grade-specific fees associated with the activities of grade such as Outdoor School Camp, Science and Nature camps, laptop program, etc.

We look forward to meeting you in person to give you a tour and cover all costs and payment schedule.

South Bay Christian School is dedicated to providing education at an affordable cost, made possible because the school has been operating in the same location since 1964, and owns its facilities.  We do not pay rent or mortgage for the buildings and land, which allows us to keep tuition affordable by private school standards. In addition, the school is a part of the world-wide Seventh-day Adventist Church that is committed to financially subsidizing private Christian education.

Without these two factors, the tuition would be, by necessity, significantly higher. The school is passing its financial blessing on to the families who desire a private Christian school experience for their children.


- Pay in Advance - If full payment for the full yearly tuition is received on or before July 10th, a $450 discount will be applied.

- Student Referral Program - Existing families referring new families to the school are eligible to receive a $400.00 tuition credit under the guidelines of the "Student Referral Program".  Please inquire about the details of this program with the school office at office@sbja.com.

- Number of Children in Family - There is a 5% tuition discount for the second child attending and 10% for the third child and on.

- On-Time Discount - Families will receive a $25 credit per family account when entire balance is paid in full by the 10th of the month.

- SDA Church Membership - Members of one of our constituent Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) churches in good standing can be eligible  to receive discounted tuition.

Tuition Assistance Program

Financial Aid is available for families needing assistance, upon qualifying for and meeting school criteria on a first come, first serve, availability and needs basis. Please inquire about our tuition assistance program during your visit and ask for the paperwork necessary to present to our scholarship committee, such as a copy of your income tax return.

I-20 Student Tuition 

South Bay Christian School has an I-20 program and accepts students from foreign countries on a limited basis. Please inquire about our robust I-20 program with ESL offering, with our front office at office@sbchristian.com.

Students requesting an I-20 Student Visa are required to pay a full year's tuition (international student rate), registration and any other fees prior to receiving the I-20. Discounts are not available for I-20 students.

Getting In Touch

Please call Paul Marcondes at 310-227-8616 or reach out via email at accounting@sbchristian.com.

If you'd prefer, we would be happy to provide a virtual tour of our campus, meet with you via Zoom and have phone sessions to walk you through our tuition and financial contract. 

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