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Hot Lunch Program/Snacks

Hot lunch is offered daily except on half-days and holidays and the students really enjoy them. Students do not have to pre-order meals and can let their teacher know the day of, if they want to purchase hot lunch. Our hot lunch is prepared daily by our in-house chef, except for pizza day. One of the students favorite days! Students do not have to bring cash to pay for lunch. They are logged in for lunch in the lunch-line and the fee is added to the tuition statement at the end of the monthly billing cycle. Lunch is vegetarian in keeping with the Seventh-day Adventist, plant-based diet. Students, when bringing lunch from home, do not have to adhere to these standards and meat is permitted. The menu schedule is located on our school calendar. Often students who order hot lunch will also bring a snack for snack time. We ask that these be healthy choices/brain food. Sugar snacks are best suited for dessert at lunch or after school. Students who stay for extended care, after school, may also want to bring an additional snack. Hot Lunch Menu Pricing:
  • Kindergarten – $3.75
  • Grade 1 – $4.00
  • Grade 2 – $4.25
  • Grade 3 – $5.00
  • Grades 4 & 5 – $5.25
  • Grades 6 – 8 – $5.50
Meals include beverge choice of milk or juice, salad, vegetable or fruit. Students may request a second helping if available. If your child has any known food allergies, please let the front office and your child’s teacher know.